Saturday, April 23, 2016

Second wife of famous dai of that AA Gym

Jakarta - Happiness embosoms family Abdullah Gymnastiar or Aa Gym. Second wife of famous dai of that, Alfarini Eridani, bears their ducky.

" Alhamdulillah," says sister?brother Aa Gym, Abdurrahman Yuri, or usualy is called Aa Deda when confirmation [by] detikcom about Alfarini which has borne, Wednesday ( 29/10/2008) at 2000 WIB.

But, Aa Deda soybean cake unable to place and also time Teh Rini, call for Alfarini, bears.

" I its(the place soybean cake unable to. Also soybean cake unable to ( its(the time)," says Aa Deda.

According to news circulating Teh Rini to bear in a hospital in number Kebayoran Baru, South of Jakarta.

Aa Gym and Teh Rini married in the year 2006.

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