Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Arema Losing Of Serge when Visiting to Persib

Arema Losing Of Serge when Visiting to Persib

Skuad Arema Malang cannot help losing of striker its(the pledge, Emalue Serge, when dijamu Persib Bandung in continuation Super Liga Indonesia ( SLI) 2008 in Stadion Siliwangi Bandung, Sunday ( 2/11). Serge is hit accumulation of yellows card.

Manager assistant and Humas Arema, M Taufan, confess that yellows card rewarded by referee Najammudin Aspiran when menjamu Sriwijaya FC, makes Serge perforced to be absent when experiencing last fight of last rotation of dijamu Persib. Because before the fight, s(he has pocketed yellows card.

"   We are permanent is sure can reach for perfect point in terminating last fight of first round SLI, even must lose one of the striker pledge and contests cage [by] opponent," he/she said affirms.

He confess, raihan absolute point from giant team Sriwijaya FC will become valuable capital for skuad Arema when dijamu Persib.

Even positive trend posed at skuad Arema in twice Home fight usiran without audience, permanent Arema unable to fulfill target burdened by Yayasan Arema. " Singo Edan" claimed resides in top klasemen whereas first round LSI 2008.

To make up for lost time it nearing first round ends, Arema has opened door of selection focused on course striker strangers(foreigners leaved by Betrand Mbamba. Mbamba is broken its(the contract by management, sanction effect Badan Liga Indonesia ( BLI) may not grass in Indonesia

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