Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prophet Film Muhammad Soon Is made

Prophet Film Muhammad Soon Is made

DUBAI, SELASA - a drama film told life Nabi Muhammad SAW, in the near time would soon is produced. Film entitles The Messenger of Peace, will become second similar film of made in English.

The Messenger of Peace menjadiremake would from film The Message, garapan stage manager Moustapha Akkad, what made in the year 1977. Classic film of Hollywood stared by actor legendaris Anthony Quinn, assumed Islam circle for example how commercial film of West can respect Islam.

The Message film remaking plan is submitted [by] producer Oscar Zoghbi, previous involved in its(the original film till. " We esteem result of job(activity Akkad, but technological in in film world always growed since year 1970an. And, this film later will apply modern technology touchs," he/she said.

The Messenger of Peace, will take story with background during the life Nabi Muhammad SAW. his own Syuting is scheduled to many done in Mekkah and Madinah.

As does film before all, Zoghbi, affirms [his] side ascertains will not there are depiction of Muhammad in the film. Because, s(he is portraying understanding of prophet hardly prohibited in Islam.

"   I will esteem sensitivity and challenge related to Islam problem," he/she said.

According to him, the new film is non film carrying about dissolution and conflict, but will focus attention fully at rich values of which very recognized by all Islam followers, like tolerance and affection," says Zoghbi.

"   Since attack 11 Septembers in AS, Islam image is smeared," says Hajja Subhia Abu Elheja, international film funder and new film executor producer of that.

"   Now, not like before all, very important to link understanding difference between the Muslimin and non Islam."

Stage Manager Hollywood, Ramsey Thomas, also have ever related to Halloween and with other films like Boiling Point, will till its(the scenario in English, but is dubbing in in so many language. ( Newsdaily/imdb/EH)

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