Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Husband Moudy Wilhelmina Cheerful Brother Was Sue of Ria Irawan

Jakarta divorce of Moudy Wilhelmina and its(the husband Junaedi Kamahir stumbled problem again. Now Junaidi exactly is claimed Savitri Irawan, sister Ria Irawan to confess its(the ducky.

" Actually we here to look for its(the chlid status, we wish to look for clarity, non matter or financial," says Gusti Randa, lawyer Savitri Irawan, when met with its(the client in Mapolres Jakarta Selatan, Wednesday ( 29/10/2008).

The consorts Savitri to fulfill call for investigator Polres Jaksel as eyewitness to complement reporting of Ade Irawan to Junaedi Kamahir to suspect deception and document forgery. According To The, Ria Irawan sister gets 10 questions from investigator.

But Savitri which divorced from Junaedi Kamahir at December 2008 then refuse to tell a story the problem of its(the witness during more than 4 the hour(clock. " I am not will speak and inget-inget again my past, important of I go forward for truth and justice," says Savitri.

From result of its(the nuptials with Junaedi, Savitri is bestowed [by] a chlid which called Jingga

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