Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sultan HB X: " I Wish Change"

Sultan HB X: " I Wish Change"

"   I wish change because I don't hold up sees grief of public?people that is the existing a lot still be poor out of job and though reform has run ten years," said my Sri Sultan Hameng Buwono X, Governor Provinsi Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta ( DIY) and Raja Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, Tuesday afternoon.

After submitting its(the readiness is onward as presidential candidate at " pisowanan grand" ( meeting of akbar public?people and king) in north plaza of Yogyakarta, s(he assess so far there is no change of fundamental making this nation onward and secure and prosperous with goverment which akuntabel.

"   When still like that this nation will not be competitive challenges future. In consequence we must change strategy, and if public?people wished change, let us together does it," he/she said.

Sultan then affirms, " What Is The Meaning Of my Hameng Buwono if it is asked to become president but public?people x'self doesn't wish change. I want to be the change agent".

Though has just limited to expressing readies advance as presidential candidate ( presidential candidate) at election of president ( pilpres) 2009 at pisowanan grand ( meeting of akbar public?people and king), but Sultan doesn't question failing or winning in contention of next year politics.

"   By request of public?people Yogyakarta, I ready advance as presidential candidate. If fails not problem, need not to go down selfregard, more than anything else feel small. My logic not like that. But on the contrary if wins don't be bluff, because all are trust," he/she said.

In pisowanan grand, present tens of thousand public?peoples DIY and a number of areas in vinicity which wish to hear statement direct of Sultan readies advance as presidential candidate in pilpres 2009.

Before Sultan submits its(the readiness, event of filled [by] various art attractions, appearance of artist and political orasi a number of element of public.

Sultan at the opportunity express wish to change way of approach some of publics DIY. " I of course sultan, but non glorious wong like 100 last year, and Yogyakarta now has become part of republic," he/she said.

"   I must support democratization because me a democrat. I also should be able to function as change agent and must also can become byword," he/she said.

Said Sultan, which must be comprehended also that Sultan is also a member of nation which subjugated to democracy where sovereignty at public?people hand.

"   I hope with my readiness onward as presidential candidate, public Yogyakarta ready to support democratization," he/she said.

The problem of opportunity as presidential candidate, Sultan express its(the confidence because there are still crystallization process in public and politics party ( parprol).

"   Parpol average of of course will take choice after result of legislative general election, and the existing of I only answer question of public does ready advance or doesn't go forward as presidential candidate, and I express readying," he/she said.

Step of hereinafter, said Sultan, will see development of acquirement of voice parpol and x'self has not can estimate it is more than anything else solution of unfinished  Bill of Pilpres is including its(the position as Gubernur DIY will retreat or no.

Draft Of  Bill of Pilpres submitted by government to Parliament to mention if election result functioner which will go forward as presidential candidate is not necessarily retreat but only asks zin leave in order not to apply state facility.

"   For functioner which not a result of election must resign. I don't know decision of  Bill of Pilpres later. Is my classification that be including functioner result of election or no, I am result of extention of [position/occupation]. If that is assumed functioner is not election and must resign, possibility I would allow for does it," said Sultan.

Asked does ready also become vice presidential candidate ( vice presidential candidate), Sultan express x'self has not thought the problem of that is because forwards crystallization will in process of politics.

"   While for independent candidate, now still not probably because amendment of invitor invitor must, thus all nominations must pass parpol," he/she said.

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