Monday, October 27, 2008

Julie Estelle horor queen

Julie Estelle returns to playing at film. Its(the title Macabre. Film lifted from short film, having coronet Dara. Julie confess interesting plays the part of figure in film is having genre thriller, because scenario that is snugly, and many Fighting scenes which must be played it. Another making it to interest, Macabre is not film horor. Julie expresslies state do not want to be specialist film player horor queen alias horor.
" This film not there is its(the relationship with spectre, even this film tells a story about murder. " I is not film specialist horor. I also tries to choose different role in every film which I play," says pelakon Kuntilanak 1 and Kuntilanak this 2 when met in Jalan Bangka, Jakarta Selatan.
Intention Julie to play character differs in in every film is realized in film Macabre. " I have never plays film which many actions and many its(the fight scenes. So now often practice and makes body is more muscularly in gym," he/she said.
Film produce of Project Merah Production will start syuting end October. Its(the plan syuting will be done during 31 days. This film will display in cinema 28 Aprils 2009 coming

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