Sunday, October 26, 2008

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono express public is not necessarily be panic

BEIJING, MINGGU - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono express public is not necessarily be panic and affects is negative in standing weakens it rupiah to dollar AS related to the existing global finance crisis is happened.
" Public is not necessarily affect which is not, not necessarily be panic and not necessarily buy up goods that is exactly makes hard of national economy," said President when news conference when submitting result of KTT Pertemuan Asia-Eropa ( ASEM) ke-7, in Beijing, Sabtu ( 25/10).
Present in the news conference Menkopolhukam Widodo AS, Sekab Sudi Silalahi, Lutetium Hassan Wirajuda, Mendag Mari Elka Pangestu, Menkes Siti Fadilla Supari, Meneg LH Rachmat Witoelar, and Meneg BUMN Sofyan Djalil.
According To President, public shall act presence of mind and is realistic in standing weakens it nila rupiah conversion to dollar AS, remembers government always follows situation condition of national economics and finance and world.
" Let us management joinly. If public unable to explain please ask to other Indonesia Bank and related parties, so that public knows condition in fact. the Government would be transparent for the purpose," said President.
Answers to weakens it rupiah exchange rate to dollar AS, Presiden affirms that x'self cannot answer to distortion of market every day. " I cannot take decision today on the happening of distortion of money market, we pay attention to last situation in last six-month," said President.
Nevertheless, said President, x'self has noticed to Gubernur Bank Indonesia for always watchs and takes stages;steps the need of his(its in facing distortion of rupiah to dollar AS.
the Government, he/she said, needs very bewaring of in standing condition of dilution and reinforcement of rupiah to dollar, especially if it is related to exportation sector and import. " But definitive government will do something as according to reach which we have and public again should not need to affect," said President.

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