Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BT Gambles in Sultan Hotel

BT Gambles in Sultan Hotel

President commissary a privat enterprise, BT, arrested when gambling in a room;chamber Hotel Sultan, Senayan, Jakarta Pusat. The gambling is done [by] BT with floging its(the friend which is the bosses a number of privat enterprises.

Gambling in the hotel room;chamber taken place since January 2008. During around 10 months, gambling in room;chamber 296 Sultan Hotels is untouchable law government officer because managed in secret. Bet money total in this gambling reachs hundreds of million rupiahs.

BT can step into the gambling arena because him(her is including member or member of group. To people outside its(the group, the this pejudi confess that its(the group is group of arisan.

Room's door 296 only open to owner of card member. According To Head Of Burning Ash General Inspector Police Liaison Division Nataprawira gambling in the hotel room;chamber takes place every day, exactly between at 1500 so at 0400. The room;chamber having tariff Rp 4 million per night. In the line of the jetset this country, BT often is identical with Bambang Trihatmodjo, boss Grup Bimantara which also putra former President Soeharto ( alm).

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