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Bali Will Not Execute Pornography Law

Bali Will Not Execute Pornography Law

DENPASAR ( SINDO) – Public and the Government of Bali mutuallies agree to not to will execute invitors ( Law) New pornography is ratified [by] Parliament at Thursday ( 30/10) then.

statement of Rejection submitted by my Gubernur Bali Made Mang Pastika and Local Parliament Head of Bali Ida Bagus Putu Wesnawa. ” We respect decision to authenticate this undangundang, but we cannot do this. Philosophically and sosiologis,kami cannot execute this,” express my Made Mang Pastika after finishing of meeting Ida Bagus Putu Wesnawa studying the [code/law] in Gedung DPRD Bali, Denpasar,kemarin.

Meeting during around two the hour(clocks yields statement of position of Bali public?people on behalf of Gubernur and Local Parliament Head of Bali. my Mang Pastika also mengimbau of all element of Bali public that still take care of situation kondusif. Ida Bagus Putu Wesnawa express has accomodated all Bali public aspirations yangtegasmenolak.

” Karenamentok, we cannot execute. We cannot execute its(the ini,”kata [code/law]. Wesnawa also is optimistic police government officer in Bali will not as delicious as of melakukanpenegakan law on behalf of Law Pornografi”Saya they is sure will see condition of sosiologis its(the Bali,”tambah public.

Before all, Bali Governor has released two related official letters of rejection to Bill of Pornography ( that moment still in the form of planning) by 16 Marchs 2006 and 6 October 2008 laluDPRD Bali have also released two rejection official letters of Bill of Pornography released by 15 Marchs 2006 and 15 Septembers 2008.

Whereas itu,organisation Komponen Rakyat Bali ( KRB) would as soon as possible submits judicial review to Mahkamah Konstitusi ( MK) for implementing of Pornography Law. Coordinator KRB IG NGURAH HARTA express, in submitting judicial review, they will be consorted law adviser, Deity Palguna, also former judge MK.

Deity Palguna in place apart mentions x'self ready to take a hand in proffering of judicial review to MK to application of Pornography Law. ” Since in socialization phase, Law assessed menyulut disintegration of the nation able to have many refused its(the rakyat,”kata.

Answers to position from local government Bali,anggota Fraksi Partai Amanat Nasional ( PAN) Azlaini Agus express, in conceptioning unity state every order to apply for all citizen and has passed a long discussion process and argument.

” Nothing that can refuse order like ituSetiap member anywhere must execute it,” said Azlaini to SINDO last night. Azlaini suggests party(side refusing invitor him order about pornography to ask matter test to MK. According to him(her, Pornography Law is ratified do not be based desire of certain group.

So position refuses execution of the [code/law] is assumed not relevant and not necessarily done. Faction Head of Development United Party ( PPP) Lukman Hakim Saifuddin tells Pornography Law which had been ratified Parliament some times ago had passed correct legislation process.

Lukman argues that prosespembuatanundangundang doesn't listen aspiration of area. “ There is no one also [code/law] product which can gratify all party(sides, because still quite a few which screw pine the importance of the [code/law]. What refuses too haunted [by] excessive worry,” he said.

Media observer from Universitas Indonesia ( UI), Ade Armando, assess rejection a number of the side of in Bali to apply Pornography Law as worry which berlebih“Kalau which they question that undangundang will menace tradition, bikini clothes, or everyday clothes of they, that is there is no in [code/law].

So ( must of Bali public) not necessarily worry,” said Ade to SINDO last night. Ade asks local government of Bali to do observation and gives explanation about Pornography Law to public. “ Because the order ought to tie. So need to be comprehended contents of its(the itu,”kata [code/law]. ( nickel komang erviani/ rd kandi/pasti liberti)

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