Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Police Express Prostitution Case in Internet

Police Express Prostitution Case in Internet

JAKARTA, SELASA - Special Criminal Detective Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya successfully express practice of pelacuran/prostitusi through internet or often is called as cyber sex.

" Now has just one resistant we the accuseds. There are still possibility that other the accused," said Special Criminal Detective Director of Polda Metro Jaya Komisaris Besar Polisi Raja Erizman in Jakarta, Selasa ( 18/11).

In disclosure of this case an its(the the accused is successfully is protected, namely Albert Timotius ( 27) is acting as pimp along with its(the the existing three entertainer women still be made eyewitness. Police still refuse to mention identity three womens is.

Disclosure is having initial from confession of three woman eyewitness has been catched in a hotel in Mangga Besar, Jakarta Barat, some times ago. This arrest started after police to do browsing in situs internet www.wanita18.com. Then, police tries does transaction several times so successfully catchs the three entertainer women.

" Have been thrice we fail to meet perpetrator and has just been fourth time of this we successfully catchs the three in a Hotel in Mangga Besar," he said.

From third description of this eyewitness police gets name of Albert Temotius having address in Pasar Minggu, South of Jakarta, as organizer or pimp. After getting accurate data, Police then the perpetrator house beehive and catchs it, at Monday ( 17/11) night to be asked responsibility to its(the deed.

To Police, Albert confessed did illicit binis of this since 2007 even situs have been opened it since 2005. In recruitment of entertainer woman candidate, perpetrator initially doing chating. Then offers the profession with tariff Rp 800 thousand finite of Rp 1,6 million per once kencan with division of Rp 300 thousand for pimp and Rp 500 thousand for its(the entertainer woman.

After intertwining agreement, this entertainer woman candidates asked photograph send to which later dipajang would in situs. Later if there are inviting boy makes a date may directly pay in cash and or through bank account.

" This first time of we express this case. There is tens of woman presented in situs but we has just caught three. Still many situs like that but need to process to express that," he said.

King also tells, besides requires length process to express its(the case, police also must hard work to identify organizer register known mostly is false data.

Meanwhile, to the existing perpetrator of police ensnares with Section 296 about Pencabulan with threat 1 year 4 month of prison and Section 506 Criminal Law with threat one years prison.

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