Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Victory of Barack Obama

Washington: Victory of Barack Obama to John McCain greeted to be hilarious the its(the supporters in whole United States angle. Town mother was Washington, for example, supporter Obama gathers in finite downtown of lateness. Obama successfully grabs 338 electoral vote, far above number 270 needed to wins. While its(the rival McCain only reach for 141 electorel vote.

In oration of its(the victory in Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois, Obama informs that victory reached for by it is victory of all public?people AS is wanting existence of change. But s(he reminds, not easy to realize change which s(he promises. In consequence s(he invites all public?people to work realizing is same AS which better.

Proposes the victory, McCain confess has submitted felicitation at the same time throws in the towel. He also express support from and ready to cooperate with goverment Obama [ read: Obama Menang, McCain Mengaku Kalah]. Obama will open takes hold of as President ACE by 20 Januaries 2009.

Meanwhile, victory of Obama also gets greeting from various world clefts, especially father family Obama in Kenya. Residency was of its(the grandmother, Sarah Obama, in Desa Kogelo, Kenya, all member of family dances happy.

Reaction of similar also is shown the Country Elementary School students 01 Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, place of small Obama goed to school. They hope Obama dapt to become good president.

Asian was, victory news of Obama fresh breeze basin which has waited. For member of Beijing, Cina, Obama is expected able to improve;repair economics of AS deteriorating below(under goverment of George W. Bush.

Asian Stock Market also is reported partakes positive response of victory Obama. Market hopes is big at Obama can improve;repair economics of AS depressed as result of crisis triggered by sector bad debt perumahan(ADO/Tim Liputan 6 SCTV)

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