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Wow! Fish Patin weight 43 Kgs Is catched in Musi River

Wow! Fish Patin weight 43 Kgs Is catched in Musi River

Public Palembang is caused a commotion by caught [by] it a fish patin as heavy 43 kilograms and long 1,3 metre. This fish catched a fisherman and sold to a merchant in Pasar Cinde Palembang at the price of Rp 2,3 million.

The fish measure of course big extra, much the same to height with child of age 5 year. Its(the body wide reaching 40 cm. Its(the stomach mengelembung contains egg around 3 Kg. Its(the colour is white and black stripe in part of back, felt kenyal when held.

Imaginable, for seokor patin measure as of kilo usually [used up/finished] by three once eats. Means, this enough giant fish lauk to eat 130!

The fish tergolek above lapak property of Heri ( 43) and its(the sister?brother, Fendi ( 40), fish merchant in Pasar Cinde, Friday ( 31/10/2008). But for absense of which ready to buy it, the fish packed into measure hardboard tv 21 inch contains ice stone block. Both difficulty lifts it.

According To Heri, during more than 20 years trades fish in Pasar Cinde, has just been this of s(he gets fish patin river as heavy 43 kilograms. He gets it from Yanto, a fish compiler from fisherman in riverscapelanskap Lais.

patin fish above the ground when brought to market. Initially, Yanto offers it at Zairul, other fish merchant. But Zairul is not ready to buy it because Yanto prics Rp 40 thousand per Kg, or around Rp 1,6 million.

" If patin The ordinary 30 kgs, sometime earns us. But if equal to child of SMP like this, has just been is extraordinary," said Heri.

Presence of giant fish in lapak two having you this have time to invite attention of member, even fish merchant humanity also have time to be made amazed. Of course fish equal to this is atypical view.

" Fish equal to this do not be eaten crocodile, but s(he eating crocodile," said a man who is observing patin near.

Many members taking this giant fish picture applies ponsel camera. Also there is vexed and the fish body pinch-off. Some members interests and asks the price, but urung because Heri calls Rp 55 thousand per Kg.

Heri refuses the fish is cut to pieces. For absense of which ready to buy it, the fish sold would to Pekanbaru. " We will earn home run, the problem of of the price of this fish can until Rp55 thousand as of kilo," adds Heri.

According to him(her, ever greater of fish measure patin river hence would increasingly expensive also the price. The price of wild patin fish below(under 5 Kg is targeted [by] Rp 40 thousand, but if more hence will reach Rp 50-55 thousand per kilo. Fish patin river also costlier from fish patin fishpond that is the price shifts Rp 30 thousand per kilo.

Thought Crocodile

Fisherman catching patin fish have time to think gets a crocodile. But simply, exactly big fortune coming menghapiri. Patin is esteemed [by] Yanto, fish compiler in Sungai Lais, at the price of Rp 1.435.000.

It Is Pudin ( 40) with its(the friend, Iwan and Abas, member of Lorong Pasundan Laut Kalidoni catching the giant fish. The three fisherman that is usualy looks for fish in Sungai Musi near by Polairud Polda Sumsel, River Lais.

The night, Thursday 30 Novembers, around at 0000 WIB, PUDIN and friend bekarang rising ketek. He brings nylon net along the length of 200 metre with wide 4 metre, lighting of lamp applies accumulator. As usual, the net postponeed and pulled both ujungnga from middle of river to ridge.

Has four times they are interesting netted and gets fish patin, seluang, delis, and prawn. This region of course famous many fishs. According To Pudin, there is around 25 group of other fisherman mengais fortune over there.

They together takes care of the water territory from act of naughty of oknum looking for fish with poison ( putas) or electrized. Pudin and family lived by properties of the river since 15 last year.

So, fish patin the giant trapps net around at 0300, the next day, after going out to sea around 3 hour(clock. He is riparian net admission, not in the middle. Pudin confess have time to surprise because net which pulled abrupt thus weight.

" We are like draws crocodile. Heavily and very strong. I see ( riparian after) simply patin, acurate in the middle of net. He twisted and always peripatetic," said Pudin.

When deliberated, patin wt. around 41 Kgs.

This is not giant fish that is firstly is catched Pudin. Before all, s(he have ever earned heavy patin 45 Kgs. For patin which wt. around 20-25 Kgs, said Pudin, has often also is obtained.

By Pudin, patin which is new catched to be the of sold to Yanto at the price of Rp 35 thousand per Kg. is mean s(he and two its(the friends gets money equal to Rp 1.435.000 o

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