Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gegana Bomb Comb in Theology College Jakarta

Gegana Bomb Comb in Theology College Jakarta

JAKARTA, SELASA - Terror in the form of bomb threat still happened. Theology College Jakarta in Jl Proklamasi Nomor 27, Jakarta Pusat gets bomb threat nearing Tuesday ( 18/11) early morning.

The information is received [by] Kepolisian Sektor Metro Meneng, Jakarta Pusat around at 0300 WIB. Now, bomb tamer team Gegana has been sent to field to check.

" Its(the development is for a while Tim Gegana has glided to field," says Brigadir Seto, officer piket Polsek Metro Menteng when contacted [by] this morning. He tells coastal area process still be done.

Besides Team Gegana, officer from Polsek Metro Menteng also have been sent to field. Including Kapolsek Metro Menteng also partakes going down to field.

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