Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Woman of smoker reachs eight percentage of the active smoker amounts in Jakarta

JAKARTA, SELASAKOORDINATOR PENANGGULANGAN MASALAH ROKOK YAYASAN LEMBAGA KONSUMEN INDONESIA ( YLKI) Endless Heartfelt lays open, number of women of active smoker in Jakarta increases around one % every year.

" Woman of smoker reachs eight percentage of the active smoker amounts in Jakarta," said Tulus in Jakarta, Selasa ( 18/11).

Based on smoking prevalence data from The Institute of Indonesia University Demography the year 2008, number of active smokers in Jakarta is estimated to reachs three million or 35 percentage of resident amounts 9,057 million.

He is mensinyalir eight % or around 240000 is smoker woman. In the year 2001 woman smokers only 1,5 percentage of active smoker amounts. The year 2004 increasing is treble become 5,1 %.

Meanwhile, full scale of active smoker in Jakarta also increases around one % per year. Based on the data also, in Indonesia there are 1172 dies per day because disease resulted by cigarette.

To prevent the many victims dies as result of cigarette, Heartfelt insists on Pemprov DKI Jakarta to uphold prohibition to smoking in place of publics in room, because till now order prohibition to effective void smoking.

" Various collisions many happened and there is no sanction of law applied. Till now applying of the ill defined prohibition of its(the execution," he said.

Since the year 2005, Pemprov DKI has order about prohibition to smoking in place of public. The order written in Perda No 2 The year 2005 about Control of contamination of Air and Peraturan Gubernur No 75 The year 2005 about Kawasan Bebas Asap Rokok.

Area specified is free smoke of cigarette for example place of the management of education?studied and baby deposit, shopping centre and market, place of religious service, workplace, publik transport, port and airport.

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