Monday, November 10, 2008

pupils that is is not fainted lingers on in field

its(the KEDIRI, SENIN SEDIKIT 15 Country Junior High School student 7 City Kediri, Jawa Timur, anticipated experiences kerusupan of smooth creature when following commemoration ceremony of Hari Palawan in its(the school. Effect event of that, ceremony is disbanded ahead of schedule completed.

According to speech Riadi, mathematics subject teacher SMPN 7 City Kediri, in the middle of abrupt ceremony some insensible pupils. They is direct in bringing to space Usaha Kesehatan Sekolah ( UKS).

Sometime later, what is insensible increased many finite of space UKS insufficient. " Not only, that, student that is at first fainted, at the time of awaking x'self instead berteriak-teriak is not karuan like people kesurupan," he said, Monday ( 10/11).

The case effect, ceremony is disbanded. However, pupils that is is not fainted lingers on in field. Then is performed event of prayer together. Fear which kesurupan more and more, headmaster orders pupils to return home each.

The side of school also directly contacts insensible student parent to bring its(the chlid return. There is also taken to hospital closest.

Still according to speech Riadi, causative the many insensible students and berteriak-teriak is anticipated is fatigue of physical experienced by. The reason is, all insensible students before all follows Perkemahan Sabtu Minggu ( Persami) in school.

Activity followed 320 students is performed for the agenda of greeting new member of Adolescent Red Cross SMPN 7 City Kediri. " Its(the activity is very solid, thus possible they ( victim) fatigue. More than anything else insensible simply was children which at event of Persami yesterday became committee," he/she said.

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